Love Matters T-Shirt
Love Matters T-Shirt

Love Matters T-Shirt

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Heart is an element always present in our creative process, we just love it!

This one is to remind us of the good times with our friends, hugging each other before this pandemic and what we anxiosly await to return to.

Pre-shrunk t-shirt has been. In a straight cut and 100% cotton.



She wears P, and is 1,72m.


Height - 72cm
Width - 50cm
Sleeve - 20cm
Collar - 2cm


Height - 73cm
Width - 52cm
Sleeve - 21cm
Collar - 2cm


Height - 74cm
Width - 54cm
Sleeve - 22cm
Collar - 2cm


Height - 75cm
Width - 57cm
Sleeve - 24cm
Collar - 2cm